Friday, April 29, 2011

Empower Your E-School Management System with Futurism E-IMS

The foundation of a successful educational institution depends on the proper management of all its varied activities. And, the solution lies in having the right software that takes into its ambit the various nuances of all the school management system. We, at Futurism Technologies have come up with a software rightly named the E-IMS, short for e-institute management system that are just right for managing the various complex entities of a school.

The Futurism Technologies E-IMS is a sophisticated software application that systematically integrates the diverse operations into one seamless whole. With this user friendly software, the top management can efficiently control the whole school administrative system right from admissions, to fee collection to school infrastructure management, inventory management and many more. It also provides an interactive platform wherein, parents can talk to the teachers and keep a tab of the progress of their wards in the school.

Automated system management makes sure that the respective personnel responsible for a particular task perform their assigned task properly. The management can also ensure that the standards set forth by them are maintained to further uphold the reputation of the school. Moreover, this software serves as a primary database source to your school information, which you can get access to instantly.

The main features of the Futurism Technologies E-IMS System are:

  • View/Take Attendance
  • Report Cards Section
  • Online Fee details
  • School time-table
  • Assignments
  • Homework
  • Tutorials
  • Exam Schedule
  • Student/Teachers Profile
  • School Bus details
  • Holidays List
  • Discussion Forum / Message Board
  • Internal Messaging System
  • School/Class Notices
Though our E-IMS school / college management software comes with standard features, we can customize them to suit your needs. With Futurism Technologies E-IMS, you can rest assured that the security and highly confidential data of your school management system is fully secured.

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